Deben-air Fleet


Our Fleet

When we started the business, we felt that our Audi station wagon, would be sufficient… How wrong we were!

Within weeks of starting the business, requests for larger vehicles were coming in……a large decision needed to be made.....Do we risk everything or sit still?

We decided to go for broke!..... and we think it has paid off.

Our vehicle choice was made with you the customer in mind. We felt that legroom was paramount to your comfort as well as dual air-conditioning.

What we found exceeded our list. So we purchased our first one. Not only did the vehicle choice offer legroom and air-conditioning, but also 7 reclining seats. This was perfect: so now after a long flight, passengers can catch a little more sleep before arriving at their destination.

Deben-air-fleet-1 Deben-air-fleet-2

Luggage space, is of great importance too. Whether you are travelling to catch a flight or going on a cruise, the volume of cases can vary. Our vehicles can carry up to seven standard size suitcases.

Deben-air-fleet-3 Deben-air-fleet-4

Visual Impact was important to us, we wanted to create a brand, so customers could always identify our vehicles.
These are the reasons why we chose Hyundia I800 MPV.

During these early years, we have been very fortunate: our passenger numbers are continually increasing from a wide demographic. Not only does the holiday passenger use our service, but also business men and women have been our patrons.

Companies from all over the world have used our service, from computer software industries, through to the movie industry.