Deben-air: the story so far…


Deben-air: the story so far…

My name is Stu Bembridge, and, along with my wife Tina, we own and operate

When we were planning the business, in the beginning of 2012, we wanted to create a unique service that we ourselves would want to use. We wanted to fill the gap between a standard cab and an executive service. Twelve months later, was born.

In January 2013, we launched the company, with no customers and a lot of determination. The early months, as you can imagine, were quite harrowing, but with true grit and endeavour, we persisted with our dream.

In the early months, we used a four door station wagon, however, customers were beginning to ask for a large people carrier type vehicle. With even more worry, we purchased our first fleet vehicle: what a decision to make!

From that moment on, became visible to local passengers, and our work load has increased three fold. The reviews speak for themselves.

By mid-2014, a second vehicle was added to the fleet, as more enquiries came into the office. To date we have exceeded our targets month on month. But all of this achievement, is from our customers. For without you, we would have no business.

Our promise to you:

 We will continue to provide a friendly and professional service to all of our customers, past, present, and future.
 We will listen to your requirements and strive to achieve them. 


Please get in touch with us should you want to find out more or talk to us. We will be pleased to answer any query you may have!